Fair-Trade Bags

What is fair trade?

Fair trade is an arrangement between designers and producers that aims to achieve better work and trade conditions for production staff.

How is If I Fell a Fair-Trade Fashion Brand? 

Our fair-trade handbags use ethically sourced Italian leather and are made to order in the U.S. We create American-made handbags that support responsible manufacturing and transparency throughout the production process. We advocate for fair wages and safe workplaces for every production partner we work with.

How is If I Fell sustainable?  

We focus on the production of small made-to-order quantities of our fair-trade handbags. By producing limited quantities, we ensure that our production output and manufacturing processes leave a small environmental footprint. Some of our sustainable practices include:

  • Small production to ensure less carbon dioxide from factory manufacturing processes and transportation carriers

  • Supporting local communities by partnering with retailers and creating jobs at production facilities

  • Using just the right amount of material to create our American-made handbags

Have questions about our fair-trade status and sustainable production processes? Contact us!