What is fair trade?

Fair trade provides positive trade opportunities, skill training, and job development while promoting a transparent, responsible production process.

How is IF I FELL fair trade?

Our fair-trade handbags use ethically sourced US & Italian leathers that are unused or rejected by larger luxury brands. All bags are made to order locally in the US to avoid any extra inventory or waste. We support responsible manufacturing and transparency throughout the production process. We advocate for good wages and safe workplaces for every partner we work with.

How is IF I FELL sustainable?  

We focus on circular design and sourcing that give existing and/or recycled materials a new purpose. Because those materials are limited, we can only make special and limited quantities. Producing locally leaves a much smaller environmental footprint and keeps a transparent process we document and share with you. We make high-quality products and design shapes and colors you will carry forever.

Some of our sustainable & fair trade practices include:

  • Pre-orders & small production to ensure our products will have a home.

  • Supporting local communities by partnering with retailers and creating jobs at production facilities

  • We create using unused materials from larger luxury brands.

  • We use filler that is made from hundreds of tons of leather waste that is recycled to create the inside structure of your Fell Bags.

Have questions about our fair-trade status and sustainable production processes? Contact us!