Self start-up, small-batch and limited edition handbags with sustainable beliefs that reside in iconic shape and color.

The Fell Bag – has the potential to be the next “cult” bag and is part of bringing values and positive manufacturing back to the Fashion Industry.

Designed and founded by Ashli Parker Fell, with a 12+ year career working for large fashion companies – there is a much needed change happening on the horizon.



Made in New York in a small leather atelier. We want to bring manufacturing back to the US to support clean and healthy environments where skilled leather crafters love what they do and are paid decent well-deserved wages. Your bag has this much power to do that!


Our leathers are hand-chosen by color and respectfully sourced from an Italian tannery. Just the right amount is shipped straight to the makers in New York to be cut. Limited Edition bags use special discontinued 1-off skins so they don’t go to waste and you get a unique bag.




We will always be transparent about where and how your bags are made so you know what you are getting and supporting. This is an image of the metal die cuts that are made custom to the shape that we will use over and over to make the bags.