IF I FELL is part of the circular Luxury emerging in the accessories market. 

A self start-up focused on small-batch and limited edition handbags. Our sustainable beliefs reside in respectful sourcing, hands-on and transparent production. The season(less) must-have shapes come in audacious colors are worn for years to come.

Designed and founded by Ashli Parker Fell, with a 12+ year career working for large fashion companies.

“–there is a much needed change happening on the horizon”



Made in New York in a small leather atelier. We take pride in our relationships with manufacturing partners and keep a hands-on process to support clean and healthy environments. Our partners practice fair-trade ethics to skilled leather crafters who love what they do and are paid well-deserved wages. Your bag has this much power to support that!


Our leathers are hand-chosen by color and from unused or rejected materials from larger brands. These can come from an Italian tannery and stitched locally in NYC. Limited quantities are shipped straight to the makers to be inspected and cut. We give purpose to these materials in making high-quality products so they don’t go to waste and you get a unique bag.




Designed in the country, just outside of Philadelphia, PA and made in NYC. We document and share our transparent process about where and how your bags are made (and what they are made of) so you know what you are getting and supporting. This is an image of the metal die cuts that are made custom to our signature shapes. We use these over and over to cut the bags in different colors and materials that inspire us.